Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM.
(404) 997-0401
How It Works

Your Cleaning

  • Our 49-Point Checklist™ is our signature service that ensures your entire home will be cleaned, top to bottom.
  • Since each home is different, we customize each service to fit your home, needs and preferences.
  • Special requests? No problem. From trouble spots to off-limit zones, we’ll create a cleaning plan that matches your home and preferences

Your Budget

Our budget-friendly plans mean you never pay for what you don’t need. So whatever your cleaning needs or budget, we’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly the kind of results you want.

Fast Over-the-Phone Estimate

Give us a call, let us know what you need and we’ll give you an estimate right then and there.  No waiting around for us to visit your home.

Don’t Pay For What You Don’t Need

If you don’t need us to clean all the rooms in your home, just choose our Priority Clean — where we focus on the areas of your home that you select.

No Hassle Payment

Whether you want to leave a credit card on file or pay at the time of service, you choose what’s easiest for you.

Never Feel Tied Down

Should you need to cancel service or skip a cleaning day, just give your local MaidPro office a two business day notice.